12 Card Spread – Zodiac Spread (The Yearly Spread)

This spread is most often referred to as the Zodiac Spread, but is understandably sometimes called the Yearly Spread since both involve the twelve cards in a circle, as in a clock.  The Zodiac has twelve houses, and the Gregorian Year contains twelve months, however, neither of the spreads start at the same place as the number one on a clock.  Actually, they both start with the first card being in the position of the nine on a clock, and continue in a clockwise rotation, with the first card representing the current month or zodiac sign.  Each card represents either a month or a zodiac sign, whichever is preferred for the reading.  In either case, the spread will give a full year worth of interpretation and insight into the events ahead.  In some cases, a thirteenth card is added to signify the querent.

There are certainly special cards to be aware of in both of these spreads.  Any Ace that appears can trigger new beginnings or some sort of fresh start for that time period.  Major Arcana cards, as always, can be a most powerful message in any spread, and in this case, the month or sign that they fall in can be quite significant, and should command close attention.  The Knights of any of the Minor Arcana suits are also very important as they indicate great change in the querent’s life.  The area of the person’s life affected will depend on the position in which the card is drawn.


The Yearly Clock Spread


Card 1:  This card represents the first month for which you are doing the reading.  For example, if when you do the reading, it is the first day of May.  Then you would say that this card would represent the events of the month of May. 

Cards 2 through 12: Each card following represents the next successive month in the year.  If you reach December before card twelve, then the next card would reflect those events in January of the next year.

Zodiac Spread


Card 1:  This card represents the first zodiac sign for which you are doing the reading.  For example, if when you do the reading, it is the first day of May.  Then you would say that this card would represent the events of the zodiac sign of Taurus, which runs from April 20 thru May 20.  This card can represent the person the reading is done for, their personality traits and appearance.

Card 2:  As with the Yearly Clock Spread, the next eleven cards would follow the same order as the zodiac signs.  Card two represents the person’s values, which include personal monetary gains or losses of any kind.  This card also symbolizes the talents and skills of the querent, and any special qualities about this person.

Card 3:  This position reveals any communications connected to the querent.  This could mean some kind of call or letter from a relative or even a person to person conversation.  Basically, this card represents how the person communicates with others.

Card 4:  This card’s position relates to the querent’s home and its surroundings.  It will determine the kind of home life of the person and the personal feelings about the residence.

Card 5:  Self esteem and the querent’s creativity are what this position is all about.  This includes the romantic nature of the person as well as the entertainment values.

Card 6:  How the querent functions in life and career are reflected here.  Getting along and working well with coworkers and job ethics are among the traits of this card.  Keeping fit and taking care of one’s own health is also determined by this card.

Card 7:  Relationships with others in pleasure and business are governed by this card’s position.  Any kind of unions such as marriage, close personal friendships, and even business mergers or employment are reflected here.

Card 8:  Death is often a very difficult aspect of life to deal with, and this card’s position deals with not only death, but the regeneration which follows all death.  The will to survive and begin again on a new level will be revealed here along with any personal legacies.

Card 9:  This position signifies not only philosophical and spiritual understanding, but also that of any journeys the querent may have in store.  If the querent is to take any journeys or travel to some faraway place, that would be reflected by this card.  This is also the card that would give the querent any insight into their personal potential or achievements.

Card 10:  Any achievements the querent has made, along with any worldly ambitions will be found here.  This is the card for personal goals and success, and whether any respect can be gained at this time, or has already been gained through the ambitious challenges set forth.

Card 11:  Joining groups and associations where group relationships are bonded are what this card is about.  It is also about affiliations with groups or organizations that will not only meet the needs of others, but further your personal objectives as well.  All of the person’s hopes and fears will be reflected by this position whether on a conscious level or not.

Card 12:  Experiencing ‘bad luck’ or misfortune can often be the turning point in anyone’s life, causing the desire to move on and get past the bad karma.  This position challenges the querent to do just that, pull from within to find the fortitude to overcome past shadowing into the future brightness of success.