Exploring Time with the Tarot

Getting a reading involving the timing of events can prove to be a tricky exercise. It can be done with some perseverance and a lot of practice.

The Major Arcana cards are always nearly immediate, so they should be considered markers of minutes, hours, or days at the most.

Aces are the beginnings of the four seasons, and usually mean during the seasonal change.

The numbered cards of the Minor Arcana cards normally represent the days, weeks, and months ahead, and would depend on the other cards drawn in the reading, and what position they were drawn in.

The Court cards (Pages, Queens, and Kings) of the Minor Arcana are seasonal, but also represent individual astrological signs that are specific time periods for each sign.

The Knights of the Minor Arcana cards always mean an immediate change. When a Knight is drawn, something relevant can be counted on happening within a couple of days.