21 Card Romany Spread

This spread is also considered a past, present, and future spread. Instead of just three cards, it uses twenty-one to represent the past, present, and future of seven separate, yet connected areas of the querent’s life. Each area describes three phases of detail, the way it has been, they way it is currently, and the way it could be projected in the future. Refer to the section on Astrological Signs and Associations for the time frame of each zodiac sign.

Romany Spread

Cards 1, 2, 3: These cards represent the querent’s emotional state or personality as it has been in the past, where the person is currently, and what the person can expect to be in the future.

Cards 4, 5, 6: The next three cards depict relationships with others, which could mean romantic relationships or could relate to other types such as coworkers or family and friends.

Cards 7, 8, 9: The querent’s subconscious or conscious hopes and fears of the past, present, and ultimately the future dreams and possibilities are read in this section, as well as career aspects.

Cards 10, 11, 12: Finances and projects are represented by these three cards. Whether the querent can expect gains or losses can be determined in this column. Whether or not the querent has been a failure in the past or just beginning on a new great adventure can show up in this area.

Cards 13, 14, 15: Spiritual matters concerning the querent as well as hidden surprises, and developments unforeseen before can be found here. These are the cards of destiny, fate, or for some, karma.

Cards 16, 17, 18: These are the tripping stones of the past, the things currently withholding the querent from progress, and the obstacles to be overcome in the future. This can also be the column of time, meaning the past two months, or the next two months, and what needs to be done to succeed during that time.

Cards 19, 20, 21: The final three cards or last column can explore the querent’s health issues, but can also show what’s in store for the querent over the next four to six months. If these three cards seem to relate back to cards four, five, and six, then the health of a relationship is being described. If the cards do not relate back to four, five, and six at all, then there is probably a great surprise in store for the querent. This can be a good or bad surprise, depending on the rest of the cards drawn.