6 Card Spread – The Simple Celtic Cross

This spread can be used instead of the full 10 card Celtic Cross. As expected, it will give you the basic information related to the question posed, but not as much detail as the full 10 card spread. Again, try using this simpler spread if the larger spreads are overloading you with information making the point sometimes hard to grasp.

Six Card Spread

Card 1:  The card in position 1 describes the querent or the personality of the querent, and the situation of the querent until now.

Card 2:  The card in position 2 is always read in the upright position, and reflects the current surroundings and where the querent is now.

Card 3:  The card in position 3 reveals what things are influencing the querent now, and also the basis of the question for which the reading was done.

Card 4:  The card in position 4 determines current events and outside influences which directly concern the question of the reading.

Card 5:  The card in position 5 indicates things and events that are here in the present, but that are about to pass soon.

Card 6:  The card in position 6 reveals the influences and events that may occur in the very near future.