Suits and Their Events

Each suit contains cards that represent possible occurrences in many different areas. They can also foretell of future events, and sometimes explain those events currently unfolding. The Aces of each suit almost always tell of new beginnings of some sort, while the Knights of each suit always indicate immediate or near immediate change on the horizon.

The events associated with each suit are described here:

  • Wands describe the passing of things that have been present, and the endings of old phases before the new beginnings of other events.
  • Cups show outward emotions and desires, and deal with inner experiences and the true spirit of being. They also represent ideas taking root and the actions performed on those ideas.
  • Swords demand movement and sometimes struggle while nearing the completion, and shaping up for the grand finale.
  • Pentacles are the realization of things to come and new beginnings taking shape, and the manifestation of proof and prosperity.