Welcome to the Mystic House Market and Guide

OK - So it's been taking way too long to get the site running again and I have a truckload of excuses but no one to blame but myself. When we decided to pick up the pieces of our outdated, broken down web site, I said I wanted to do it right this time. Unfortunately, I was in for an awakening via a slap in the face and a kick to the stomach (or there abouts).

Now, unless you're a web programmer or just know things and kept up with the inner workings of the modern internet, you probably don't know just how much change can happen overnight. (or 10 years or so). Very little of the original site we hacked together back in the 80's even worked anymore. The programs were fine, but the web browsers, the cell phones, the refrigerators were so far ahead of the programming we used in the games, the readings, all of it, that unless you were still using Windows 98 or MAC System 7, all you got were broken links and warning messages, if you got anything at all.

Tried doing a quick fix - installed software packages I thought would bridge the gap but got frustrated with limitations, extra costs, free code with no support or great software that was so complicated that you had to be a guru programmer to install or setup.

Now, there's a lot of damn good programmers out there. Many of them donate their time and skills to build free app's and software that can do almost anything you need. E-Commerce to content management to - like I said, almost anything. Problem was that it was too generic or it was under attack from hackers and you had to update every other day or risk exposing yourself on the web. Let me tell you, you don't want me exposed on the net.

Good news though, after installing and trying out 4 CMS (content management software), 3 commerce packages plus a couple of plug ins (we wanted a store to sell stuff) and a little of this and a little of that, I picked up a couple of languages, found a little guidance from others who had already been there and began working on the new site. I'll be posting reviews after the first of the year.

It's still not complete, may never be. I may hang a sign out front that says "Always Under Construction but Always Open" but I'm dumping the Drupal CMS. Already flushed the store front software and started reprogramming the Tarot Readings. We're putting the stuff for sale on Etsy and eBay for now. Maybe a couple of other sites if we have time to maintain (those sites are so self centered and needy).

That said, you might notice a couple of ads here and there. Probably a few suggestions now and then to places that will give us money for doing so. But our goal is to just be. Offer a few helpful things and hints now and then. A couple of opinions you could but shouldn't ignore and generally make peace with what we can. - Mike 2018


First up - The 7 Day Tarot Forecast

Originally written in Javascript and based on "Tarot Made Easy" - a book by Nancy Garen, I've re-written the whole thing in PHP server script and based it on my wife's book - Understanding the Tarot (will be published here on the Mystic House very soon!) AND a rather strong suggestion from a friend that I include reverse meanings like a real Tarot reading, I offer it for the always low price of Free for your enjoyment.

Planned and Coming Soon

Understanding the Tarot - a book by PJ Ward based on her years of reading the cards for us.

Past, Present and Future - a 3 Card Quick Tarot Reading

Rune Readings - Because I like Runes

Some Astrology, maybe Natal Charts, a community project I liked to call "Book of Shadows" and eventually, a guide to dealing with the aliens that will show up one day...

This Tarot card is for you 'Nine of Wands'