The Mystic House Market is Finally Open for Business ·

We’re still adding stuff and expanding categories so we have something for most anyone. We also take requests so if there’s something you think we need to add, let us know.

We setup PayPal for payments so you can use your PayPal account, your credit cards and even get financing thru PayPal.

Most items include free standard shipping and orders over $25.00 are shipped free also. In some cases you can opt for Priority Mail or Fedex if you need it faster.

So please check out the store! Tell your friends and family about it. Sign up for the newsletter and get special deals, coupons and prizes. Don’t worry, we don’t spam and we won’t sell you out to anyone else. Your personal info is safe because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I’ll be fixing buttons and adding more cool stuff to the store and all of the websites so there’re be plenty to do and see. It’ll be like a virtual mall with a carnival in the middle. So thanks in advance - Mike

Welcome to the Mystic House Market and Guide

Have you checked your Tarot forecast yet - It's still FREE!

The 7 Day Tarot Forecast

Originally written in Javascript and based on "Tarot Made Easy" - a book by Nancy Garen, I've re-written the whole thing in PHP server script and based it on my wife's book - Understanding the Tarot (will be published here on the Mystic House very soon!) AND a rather strong suggestion from a friend that I include reverse meanings like a real Tarot reading, I offer it for the always low price of Free for your enjoyment.

and now for something a little different

Geode Hunting - Catch & Release

Posted by Michael Ward on Sunday, August 11, 2019

This Tarot card is for you 'Five of Pentacles'