7 Day Tarot Forecast

The Wheel of Fortune is a good card

The Mystic House is proud to offer the Original Free 7 Day Tarot Forecast for your use and enjoyment. I wrote this script back when I was trying to teach myself web development and programming logic.  It just so happens that my wife reads Tarot cards and has since before I knew her.  That's well over 30 years now, by the way :).  Anyway, one of the quick readings we would do was shuffle the cards and lay out 7 in a row. One for each day to come. The spread was just meant to give us an idea of the next few days. Insight into little things like waiting until Tuesday to go to the store because Monday looked like it might be problematic or keeping your eyes open for a new opportunity.

That's what this program does.  As soon as you enter the page, The cards are shuffled and 7 cards are selected and laid out in the spread below. One for each day starting with today.  Below your 7 day tarot card spread, are the approximate interpretation for the cards drawn.  Between the interpretations I've given you and your feelings toward the images on the cards, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of the week to come. The interpretations are based on the writings of Nancy Garen and her book, Tarot Made Easy.  The card images are courtesy of US Games and the The Rider Tarot Deck.  The program was written in my spare time.  If you borrow it, please give me credit.  If you like it, tell your friends, add a link to it on your web site or blog or at least bookmark us and come back often.  The advertising on the site helps pay for the web hosting.