12 Card Spread – Zodiac Spread

This spread is most often referred to as the Zodiac Spread, but is understandably sometimes called the Yearly Spread since both involve the twelve cards in a circle, as in a clock. 

The Zodiac has twelve houses, and the Gregorian Year contains twelve months, however, neither of the spreads start at the same place as the number one on a clock.  Actually, they both start with the first card being in the position of the nine on a clock, and continue in a counterclockwise rotation, with the first card representing the current month or zodiac sign. 

Each card represents either a month or a zodiac sign, whichever is preferred for the reading.  In either case, the spread will give a full year worth of interpretation and insight into the events ahead.  In some cases, a thirteenth card is added to signify the querent.

There are certainly special cards to be aware of in both of these spreads.  Any Ace that appears can trigger new beginnings or some sort of fresh start for that time period.  Major Arcana cards, as always, can be a most powerful message in any spread, and in this case, the month or sign that they fall in can be quite significant, and should command close attention. 

The Knights of any of the Minor Arcana suits are also very important as they indicate great change in the querent’s life.  The area of the person’s life affected will depend on the position in which the card is drawn.

12 card spread
The Yearly Clock Spread Zodiac Spread