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Testing my Moon Phase script - Under Construction The moon is currently 12.3 days old, and is therefore waxing. It is 364784.52 km from the centre of the Earth. The next new moon is at 16:05:27, 6 Mar 2019.

Have you checked your Tarot forecast yet - It's still FREE!

The 7 Day Tarot Forecast

Originally written in Javascript and based on "Tarot Made Easy" - a book by Nancy Garen, I've re-written the whole thing in PHP server script and based it on my wife's book - Understanding the Tarot (will be published here on the Mystic House very soon!) AND a rather strong suggestion from a friend that I include reverse meanings like a real Tarot reading, I offer it for the always low price of Free for your enjoyment.

Planned and Coming Soon

Understanding the Tarot - a book by PJ Ward based on her years of reading the cards for us. In Progress and parts are uploaded now.

Past, Present and Future - a 3 Card Quick Tarot Reading

Rune Readings - Because I like Runes

Some Astrology, maybe Natal Charts, a community project I liked to call "Book of Shadows" and eventually, a guide to dealing with the aliens that will show up one day...

This Tarot card is for you 'Knight of Swords'