Aces Are Always New Beginnings

Aces nearly always signify a fresh start or new beginning in some area of our lives. Since the Ace represents the number one, it represents the very beginning in any situation. The suit of the Ace will determine in what area the new beginning will relate to.

  • The suit of Wands normally relate to dealings in business. Drawing the Ace of Wands in a reading usually will mean a new job, or a new opportunity in business, whether it is an existing business or a new start up. It could also represent a promotion or a new source of income.
  • The suit of Cups signifies new encounters with emotions or love. Drawing the Ace of Cups in a reading will normally tell of a new romance on the horizon, or of an emotional encounter with a new acquaintance.
  • The suit of Swords speaks of communication and relating to others on similar levels. Drawing the Ace of Swords in a reading will offer the opportunity to communicate in a new way, or with newly improved methods.
  • The suit of Pentacles involves fortune and prosperity. Drawing the Ace of Pentacles in a reading usually means that a new financial opportunity awaits, or that fortune and prosperity are on the way very soon.